6 Best Books to Prepare Students for College Experience

Going to college or already in college? Here are crucial books to make your college life interesting, informed and fun for you. Majority of students will find things out on their own, but you can make it yours better and fruitful by reading experiences of others. Reason for this guide it help you do just that.

List of Top Books to Prepare Students for College life & success

Two Main Topics to Consider

They are two main topics relevant for college student life. They decide whether you have a successful college life or you survive.


It might not sound as big deal at first. But it is very important. Chances are you have been wholly depending on parents for your meals. But in college that changes, you are in charge of feeding yourself. Learning to cook is one of the commonest challenges for college students within first days in college. Be wise, grab basic cooking books and don’t let this daily activity affect negatively your college experience.

How to Study effectively & efficiently

Having a good college experience will not be possible if you don’t have effective and efficient reading habits. After all, you are in college to study and be successful, not to fail. It’s not just about good grades, but also dealing properly with pressure, stress and anxiety.

Reviews for the 3 Best Books for College Students

1. The Freshman Survival Guide

Drinking, sleeping and skipping classes are 3 biggest reasons leading to college drop-outs. This book addresses these challenges. The Freshman guide has every detail for thriving and in worse case scenario, surviving first year of university or college.

Getting into college environment means a lot has to be learned, and you have to be a fast learner to get it right. The book has been recently updated, now with chapters on Social Media and mobile phones. Crucial aspects that are in your daily life but still with capabilities to change your college achievements.

Others topics discussed on this book include abuse, bullying and sexual assault. It’s wise to be informed as college student.

2. How to Become a Straight-A Student

The book is real treasure when it comes to getting the best of your college study. It has tips and insights you need to maximize the effectiveness of your study. Want best scores on your test and exams, grab this book now.

One key Chapter of the book addresses the topic of Procrastination – a challenge that haunts most if not all college students. Defeat this habit with methods highlighted in this book. Get your studies and related projects done on time for your own good, and ultimately for peak performance.

3. How to Win at College

It’s not uncommon to see some students excel without much efforts. This book investigate how it happens. The tricks and tips that a small percentage of students had been taught or even read for themselves, to perform well ahead of the rest with minimal efforts.

You can call this book “An inside secret”. One of the recommended books for every college student.

Other 3 books to consider reading

4. The Healthy College Cookbook

5. The Starving Students’ Cookbook

6. 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know

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