10 Best Catholic Bibles to Read

The Roman Catholic religion is among the oldest Christian religion, started more than 2,000 years ago. Like many other Christian denominations, Roman Catholic has slightly different interpretation of some parts of the Bible, that is unique to them. Especially when it comes to guiding some ceremonies and Bible teachings.

It’s important to note that all the different Bibles on the market contain essentially same teaching and information. However, some Bibles offer some guidance with more leaning on denominations and thus great understanding and contentment.

The List of Top 10 Catholic Bibles You should Buy

A Guide to Choosing Ideal Catholic Bible for your Study


The Bible was initially written in Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic languages. Eventually, it was translated in to English and other major languages to make it universally understandable. Sometimes, translation can be subjective, thus minor differences. Choose the Bible language that you easily conversant with. As example, majority of readers are likely to have challenges with translations that utilize Shakespearean English.
Some translations are approved for either individual or devotional use. Personal Bibles are not utilized for the Eucharist celebrations. For your convenience, it’s recommended you choose Bible translation that is similar to what is used in your church.

Design and Durability

Unlike other books, the Bible is lifetime book. Thus, duration is key aspect to consider when buying. Hardbound Bibles can be used for many years without much tear and wear. Leather bound Bibles are not only good-looking but much slimmer to carry around. The design aspect is very personal. As long as it’s durable, go for what pleases your eyes

Ease of Use

The Bible is not one of the easiest books to study. In fact, it can be a little confusing for beginners. It’s the reasons publishers make efforts to help readers understand the context and meanings with much challenge.
It’s common to see some Bibles labelled as study Bibles, meaning they provide greater insights to readers, this more deeper meaning, especially in light with the context and time/seasons. Combining the Bible with one or few study Bibles is good way to get the intended message in deeper, clearer way.  Reading  more Christian books may also help in better understanding of the Bible in long-term, as the authors are almost always likely be quoting the Bible scriptures and explaining the contexts.  For seniors and Visually Impaired, it’s important to consider Large Print Bibles at least 13pt.

Here are Best 10 Catholic Bible for your study:

Top 3 Best Catholic Bible Reviews

1. The Catholic Study Bible

This is considered the best Roman Catholic Bible. 3rd edition is detailed devotional Bible for personal study. It has guided information on sidebars to give more elaborate meaning to the scripture, thus very ideal  Catholic Bible for beginners

It’s easier to digest due to the fact that it uses the New American Bible Revised Edition Bible translation. It also had full-color maps and photos to help get finer details, especially regarding the context of the Word.

2. New American Bible, Revised Edition

Ideal for readers on the move. The Kindle edition is great choice. The detailed Catholic Bible is presented as the physical one, with some unique features that make it straight forward to navigate. Navigation aids are important in getting readers access specific Bible verse in record time. Great choice for those who want Bible in their personal electronic devices

3. Douay-Rheims Bible

This Bible has one of the oldest English translation, thus making it most accurate by capturing the scripture and context in best language from original translation.

The leather cover makes this Bible not only sleek but also preserves it perfectly. It has full-color maps and well-illustrated photos of Jesus Christ. Key texts are in red color to capture attention and concentration of the readers.

Other Top 7 Catholic Bibles to Consider Reading this year:

4. Ignatius Catholic Bible-RSV-Compact Zipper

5. NRSV Go-Anywhere Thinline Bible Catholic Edition

6. New American Bible, St. Joseph Medium Size Edition

7. NABRE – New American Bible Revised Edition Standard Size – Quality Paperbound

8. Saint Joseph Bible-NABRE-Large Print-Illustrated

9. The New American Bible (With the Revised Book of Psalms and the Revised New Testament)

10. Catholic Bible Dictionary

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