10 Extra Large Print Bibles for Visually Impaired and Elderly

You don’t have to keep straining everyday reading your small print Bible. Get yourself a Bible that you can read comfortably in anytime – day or night. Some of the so called “Large Print” Bibles may not have fonts large enough.

Here is a list of Bibles with giant prints for persons with eyesight Challenge or Seniors.

And What are factors to consider when buying Large Print Bible

When you are presented with wide variety of large print Bibles, what should you take into consideration to make sure you choose the appropriate one’s for you?

1. The Font Size

This is the key factor, as your aim to get the Bible that you can read with ease. Regular print Bibles are mostly 8-9 points text (pt). You are likely to get 1 10-11 pt Bibles being referred as ‘Large Print’. Instead go for at least 13pt. It should be easy Bible reading experience for you.

2. The Translation

As you for the large font Bible, remember to go for translation that you are most comfortable with, at least for your first giant print Bible. Be it NIV, KJV, NLT or any other.

3. The Weight

Larger font means more pages, this Large Print Bible is likely to be heavier than regular Bibles. As heavy as 3-4 lbs. Thus, may not necessary be carried as pocket Bible.

Here are Reviews for the 10 Best Large and Giant Print Bibles

1. KJV Super Giant Print Bible

This Giant Print Bible is ideal for those who prefer the KJV (King James Version) translation. Super large font Bible with 17-point type size. It makes it fun experience to read your Bible, even without reading glasses.

2. ESV Super Giant Print Bible

Explore the God’s Word daily with this remarkable Bible with Large print – 17 Pt. The giant print edition is perfect for Bible readers with challenged eye sight. And be aware it’s 5 pounds, thus most likely not that portable Bible, not easy to carry to church service every time

3. NKJV, Reference Bible, Super Giant Print

The reference Bible retains the same poetic beaty as King James version, but in modern English. Super giant print of 17-point type is eye-friendly, and provides a good combination of study features and readability. And it has durable cover

4. CSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible

The refence Bible features a large print size, 16-point type and has lots of space in the margins for taking notes or make highlights of crucial messages.  With this large print, you are not only going to have a good experience of Bible reading but enjoyment. The ideal resource to help you understand the Word of God in better and deeper way.

5. NIV, Super Giant Print Reference Bible

With an easy-to-read 16.5-point text, this NIV Super Giant Print Reference Bible is surely very friendly to those with vision challenges. Looking for NIV Bible you could read with no glasses, here is your choice. With soft cover, it’s super comfortable to hold without slipping. Its weight – 4.8 lbs, may limit you on carrying around. Best for home or office study.

6. NASB, Super Giant Print Reference Bible

2400 pages and 16.5-point type text, this New American Standard Bible, is an easy read for those with weaken eye sight. It offers an enjoyable Bible reading experience. It has remarkably designed cover.

7. KJV Holy Bible, Giant Print Standard Bible

Improve your Bible reading experience with this 14-point type text, friendly to ready, with 8 full-color maps for places mentioned in the Bible. Great concordance and footnotes to help search scriptures of interest.

8. Holy Bible, Giant Print NLT

The New Living Translation Bible is easy to read, in contemporary English, thus friendly in terms of understanding the God’s Word. This Larger Print Bible is ideal for readers looking for larger font size. And you can carry to your church if you like – 3.04 pounds.  It has a leather-like brown and tan cover and 1952 pages.

9. NRSV, Thinline Bible, Giant Print

The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Giant Print has 13-point typeface, making it easy to ready for people with eyesight challenges. Easy to carry around and has offer good readability. Now offering easier sightlines with big, bold capital letters interspersed throughout Chapters.

10. Giant Print Bible-Nab-St. Joseph

This Giant print Edition of the St. Joseph New American Bible is ideal for those with vision challenge or those who enjoy large print of 14-point typeface. This Bible from Catholic Book Publishing includes a Presentation page and Family Record. Ideal Bible for Roman Catholic Church followers . Available in remarkably bonded leather cover.

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