10 Best Tech Magazines you should be Reading

The word of technology is fast evolving, with new and modern tech innovations coming up every day. And you don’t want to be left behind, reasons you should follow top tech magazines for new developments and ground-breaking inventions

Tech magazines are ideal place for the trending and fascinating tech news. There are many tech mags all over, but find credible ones can be dauting task. We have a guide to help you make your search easier and fruitful.

The List of Top 10 Technology Magazines to Read

Top 3 Best Tech Magazines Reviews

1. Macworld

From the name, you can tell it’s focused on latest innovations and products for Mac user. The biggest resource for Apple related news and updates. First published in 1984, it’s one of the valuable tech mags.

Read incredible and honest reviews for various Mac devices and software. Best guides on how to do various functions and real advice on accessories to buy for your devices

If you are Mac person, this is hot mag for you. Good thing it has website version, making it easier for you to follow up online. The print version has since stopped.

2. 2600 Magazine

Best pick if your passion is on internet security, telephony and information technology. The mag is full of detailed articles and minimal adverts. Useful and relevant content. It’s gives voice to hacking, rewriting the hacker ethic.

Founded by Eric Corley, who was once arrested for allegedly hacking into a system that gave him access to private corporation records. The mag is a also known as hacker’s bible and as expected, a controversial magazine. Read best technical journals whose focus centers on technological exploration.

3. Maximum PC

Complete and thorough guide to Windows PC. Plenty of crucial technical tips you need every day. Anything Microsoft, you find it here. It has massive following, and it doesn’t disappoint with helpful insights and reviews.

You may also find some news on other latest technologies. Overall, it’s great magazine for your personal computer tips and hacks. No doubt, one of the best magazines in tech world of all time.

Other 7 Top Tech Magazines to read this year:

4. Make: magazine

5. Wired

6. Technology Review

7. Popular Mechanics

8. Popular Science

9. Sound & Vision

10. Air & Space

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