10 Best Woodworking Magazines | Reviews & Guide

Are you looking to improve your woodworking techniques? There are many guides and magazines available to help you, but getting the best and informative ones can be quite hectic. Learn from the experienced craftsmen’s and get polished wooden items from your trade – be it cabinets, furniture, wood carving, joinery, carpentry or woodturning. Here is guide to help you choose top woodworking magazines to grow your crafting skills

A List of Top Woodworking Magazines to Buy in 2023

Factors to consider when buying your ideal Woodworking Magazine

Level of Skills – Choose the magazine that fits your level of woodworking skills. Some magazines are best for beginners, others for experts, and most of them for intermediate. You would also want the magazine that challenges you, thus growing your wood crafting skills.
Specific Topics – There are woodworking magazines that provide broad information on the industry. It’s recommended you combine both these general magazines with topis-specific ones, likes one specializing in cabinets, furniture, wood carving, joinery, carpentry or woodturning. These topic-specific magazines are where deep guides to grow your woodworking skills are mostly found.
Sample Plans – Easy-to-follow plans accompanied by photos will make your reading interesting and fruitful. It not only gets you started to practice; it motivates you to go beyond. Practicing different plans over sometime, will indeed perfect your woodworking skills. Thus, magazines with sample plans will get you value for your money.

Top Woodworking Magazine Detailed Reviews

1. Wood Magazine

Every issue of this Meredith Wood magazine has wide range of woodworking plans, ideas, projects and tool reviews. The magazine target more of advanced woodworkers, be it carpenters, woodcarvers, joiners, cabinetmakers, carvers, splicers or furniture makers. It’s thus not recommended to starters, until later on when they have learnt some bits of skills. To the professional woodworkers, this a key resource and highly recommended. With each subscription of Meredith Wood magazines, you receive 14 issues over the period of 2 years. It might appear expensive, but the quality content provided is worth it.

2. Family Handyman Magazine

This one of the best magazines for Do-it-yourself homeowners. It provides easy-to-follow steps on wide variety of woodworking projects, maintenance, repair and improvements. It has a perfect writing style, very appealing to the beginners, with minimal technical language. Get woodworking tips on storage ideas, fixing your yard and other common woodwork jobs for your house.
Every subscription of The Family Handyman magazine subscription, comes with 8 issues. It’s also very friendly in terms of pricing. It’s a great resource to learn of commonly used woodwork tools, besides having basic plans and easy-to-follow photos. It features questions-answers section, where you get experts guides on relevant woodwork projects.

3. Woodsmith Magazine

This magazine can easily fit both the beginner and experienced woodworkers. It’s a bit technical in terms of language, ideal for advanced artisans and providing good challenge of novice. Every issue features complete woodworking plans, with straight forward instructions. It has simple, intermediate and complex woodwork projects. With every subscription, you get 6 issues per year. Though a bit pricey, its content is worthy the cost.

4. Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Looking for home improvement ideas and projects? This is your go-to woodworking magazine for you. Get many questions answered about making, crafting and building wooden products. It’s a remarkable resource for advanced woodworkers and DIYers homeowners. With wide variety of practical, innovative and cost-cutting ideas for home construction and renovation.

5. Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

This magazine specializes in promoting woodcarving as enjoyable pastime and recognized art form. It features ideals and projects that will trigger the interest of wood carvers, both beginners and experts. It also has sections of detailed reviews of carving tools and expert opinions. An excellent resource to get your wood carving creativity up high.

6. Woodcarving Magazine

An excellent resource for woodcarving ideas, projects, tools and techniques. The magazine appeals to both novice and professional woodworkers. Every issue is packed with creative insights regarding the craft of woodcarving, accompanied by very clear images, offering easy-to-follow guides/

7. Woodworker’s Journal

The magazine content is appropriate for all kind of woodworkers, amateurs to experts, seeking new projects ideas. Featured projects are done is easy-to-follow step by step format, accompanied by clear photos and illustration. A full-size pattern is included in each issue of this magazine. Categories covered include – joinery, finishing, products, techniques and hardware.

8. Fine Woodworking Magazine

The magazine targets savvy woodworkers, both the starters and expert craftsmen. It features creative design ideas, projects, techniques, tips and detailed product reviews. Creating a simple shelve at home or a bit complex wooden project? This magazine is highly recommended. Ideas and projects are accompanied by easy-to-follow guiding images.

9. Popular Woodworking Magazine

This is not your ordinary woodworking magazines. It provides critical facts and knowledge, needed for successful craftmanship. It’s practical and detailed resource that is of importance regardless of the level of woodworking skills. It motivates the woodworkers to be creative, mindful and competent in their projects and ideas. It features woodworking projects and ideas for every level, from easy projects to complex plans and techniques.

10. Woodcraft Magazine

The magazine targets woodworking enthusiasts. It features articles with plans, new ideas and techniques to learn, project patterns and trends in the industry. The publication stirs up woodworkers to craft remarkable and unique pieces. And with step-by-step guides, with clear illustrations and diagrams, you can easily try out the featured plans and techniques.

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