10 Best Sketchbooks for Great Drawings | Reviews 2023

It’s norm for artists to almost always have sketchbooks with them, just to document any inspirations and ideas that come. Getting yourself best sketchbooks is one of the ways to ensure your drawings are better and also durable.
Regardless of the type of art you are doing, quality sketchbook is important. Also crucial is perfect drawing tools. Here is the guide to choose good sketchbooks for satisfying drawing journey.

A List of top Sketchbooks to Buy for Good Drawings

What to factors to look for when choosing Good Sketchbooks

There is wide variety of sketchbooks in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose. Here are things to consider in getting ideal ones for excellent results:

Paper Thickness

This is crucial element and it depends on the nature of the work you are doing and medium you are using. Always go for right paper thickness, that fit your intended use.

Paper Color

Most of the times, white paper is the standard for most sketchbooks. Important thing to remember is that there are different grades of white. Go for the ones that make your work look more refined. The colors of the tools used may in great way influence the shade of white that you choose.


Appropriate size depends on scope of work you want accommodated on one sketchbook. You may choose large one with many pages for art classes or home drawings. And a small one with few pages when on the move.


Go for binding that looks good, but most importantly that can allow you to easily rip out pages, should you require to display them elsewhere.


You may prefer a hardcover or not. The hardcover may help by providing a flat surface to work on, especially outdoors. And also forms protective layer for your drawings.


Choose paper that matches the kind of medium you utilize. For example, paper good for pencil sketches, may be very poor for watercolors. Read specifications before buying your sketchbook.

3 Best Sketchbook Detailed Reviews

1. Moleskine Art Sketchbook

One of the popular sketchbooks with artists and designers. Ideal for both novice and professional artists. It comes in two colors – black and scarlet red. It has smart hard-bound book layout with rounded corners.
Recommended if using dry media, since its papers are thick and smooth. It has 240 papers, giving enough space for your many drawings. And light weight, thus easy to carry around.

– High quality sketchbook
– 240 pages, thick and robust
– Great and durable cover
– Perfect for sketching, writing and drawing

– Not appropriate for use with watercolors

2. Moleskine Art Sketchbook

This is another awesome sketchbook choice for artists. It has a soft cover, thus very flexible and suitable for storage. It’s available in three sizes – smallest, which is easy to carry around. And medium and large sizes, giving enough surfaces for the artists to work on. Enjoy as your work on its 160 creamed-colored, good-quality pages

– Available in Small, Medium & Large Sizes
– Waterproof, soft cover
– Good for designers, artists and animators

– With its softcover, you easily bend the sketchbook. Thus, not ideal if you want to keep drawings straight.
– Not ideal if you want to sketch with markers

3. Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads

An excellent sketchbook, with 100-page pad of paper with fine-tooth surface. You have the option of buying it in a multipack or singularly. The paper is good quality, no so thick and not thin to tear off easily. Its spiral binding makes it for you as you can fold it back with ease, without wrinkling or tearing the drawings.
This sketchbook is made for general purposes, as the papers can withstand firm strokes of pencil with tearing. Thus, a good recommendation for both beginner or advanced artists who are trying out a new dry media technique.

– Durable cover
– Ideal for professional artists
– Papers perfect for color blending or fine details
– Less number of pages compared to others

Other Sketchbooks You should Consider for Good drawing experience

4. Art Alternatives Sketchbook

5. Canson Artist Series Universal Sketch Pad

6. Pentalic Wirebound Sketchbook

7. Canson XL Series Sketchbook

8. Pro Art Hard Bound Sketch Book

9. Pentalic Wirebound Sketchbook

10. Pro Art Spiral Bound Sketchbook

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