5 Best Catholic Bibles for Children | Reviews 2023

Getting good foundation for your children’s faith is critical aspect of parenting. Bible is one important block of your children’s library. It can be overwhelming especially for beginner Catholics to decide which Bibles to choose for your little ones. This guide is meant to help you make the process easy for you

A list of Top Kids’ Catholic Bible to Buy in 2023

Factors to consider when choosing a Good Children’s Bible

Level of Understanding /Stories

Kids approach to learning is different from adults. Children will learn best when we explain and tell things at their own level of understanding. Stories is an effective method of getting the little ones understand their faith. They can either read it for themselves or have parents or church school teachers, read out for them.

Attractive & Colorful

Even as we emphasize on stories, it is wise to remember that children are always drawn to beautiful, brighter things. And Bibles are no exceptional. Colorful artworks, attractive letters and relatively large font Bibles will get and retain the attention of the kids, long enough to learn.

Age & Interests

Finally, it’s good to understand that different kids will not necessarily use same Bibles. The very little ones might need more of pictorial Bible stories, as the older ones use both stories combined with bits of text and Bible verses. Children’s interests and personalities may also play a role in choosing the best Bible for your child.

Detailed Reviews of Best Catholic Children’s Bibles

1. The Jesus Storybook Bible

One of the Best kids Bibles for Catholics. The stories are awesome, with attractive illustrations. From the start this Bible is excellent, with beautiful version of Adam and Eve. Besides stories, it includes important aspects from the Bible, including Satan’s fall from being an angel, flaming sword and feeling of Adam and Even after eating forbidden fruit.

Available in 45 languages
Easy-to-read and follow Bible stories
Awesome and colorful, to get attention of the children
Has many Bibles stories
Wide variety of illustration, depicting people of all colors and races

Stories Titles used not commonly known. Thus, a little difficult to identify the stories you want. The Story of Noah, for example is title “A New Beginning” instead of commonly used “Noah and the ark”

2. Tomie dePoala’s Book of Bible Stories

Authored by Tomie dePoala, it’s one of the most beautiful pictorial Bible for Catholic kids. The illustrations are just attractive and stories are told from Catholic perspective. The major disadvantage of this Bible, is the fact that it features few Bible stories compared to others. Thus, not ideal when looking for wide variety of stories for the kids.

Written by Catholic Author, thus good perspective you can trust
Awesome illustrations

No long enough. Thus, fewer Bible stories

3. The Beginner’s Bible

One of the easiest to read children’s Catholic Bibles, with brief stories, and few words. Kids enjoy the pictorial and the short stories. It’s recommended that the children read for themselves this Bible, with help here and there.
It features a large collection of stories, especially the popular Bible stories, making it ideal as an introductory Bible of choice for the little kids. The illustrations may not be as awesome and colorful as other Bibles, but they appeal to kids

Brief stories, perfect as introductory Bible for preschool class
Easy-to-read, with few words per page

Illustration are not as colorful as other Bibles

4. The Action Bible

A great Bible choice for older children, especially ones interested in comic books. You have the choice of buying the New Testament or buying the Old Testament plus New Testament. Just note that, if your children don’t appreciate comics, this Bible isn’t for them. It’s very long and has other stories not commonly included in children’s Bible.

5. The Catholic Children’s Bible

This is actually a real Bible and not Bible stories like the other four. It features all the Bible verses, stories-like a complete Bible. It’s not good choice for little kids, ideal for older children.
Some pages have special features, but most of them are your typical Bible pages. Its translation is excellent, making it easy-to-read and follow. And importantly, understand. Searching for verses of interest on this Bible is straight forward.

The only challenge with this Bible is its big size and also heavy. It may not be easy to carry around. But the fact that it is whole Bible, with explanations, good illustrations and with easy-to-read font size, then it’s bound to be a little big and weighing much more.
Bottom line – This is an important resource and reference for Catholics Kids, and you should add it to your kid’s library today.

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