6 Best Books for Kindergarten: Basic, Interesting and Easy to Read

It’s always a wise decision to start preparing our small kids to join kindergarten. Commencing education at that level can be somehow overwhelming for the little ones. To them, it may seem like they are oceans of words and letters to learn and remember. Having some books at home to practice is a perfect way to help your kid learn without much struggle. Get them start reading at home and you will see how much that helps them.

Here is the List of best 6 books for kindergarten children for home study.

And what factors should you consider when buying your kid, a Kindergarten Book?

1.  Simplest, Basic Books

As the beginners, these should be the simplest books. Luckily, book publishers use some labels to assist parents to choose the appropriate books for the little ones.

Some of the labels include:

  • My first
  •  Kindergarten basics
  •  I can read
  •  Beginner books
  • First-time books

And other related terms

2. Topics of Interests

Always try and get books with subjects, drawing and colors that ignites interest in your kids. You can tell this their best stories, favorite cartoons, video ads that makes them tickle etc.

3. Easy to Read Books

As the starting point to the education system, books for the young kids should be easy to read. Their main purpose is to introduce the littles one to letters, words, numbers and get them starting recognizing words, photos etc.

 Here are Detailed Reviews of Top 3 Kindergarten Books

1. Have You Seen My Dinosaur

Most kids would light up once you starting talking about dinosaurs. They are huge, somehow mysterious and with so much power. They just seem so interesting to the little ones. The fact that these humongous animals no longer exist, make the imagination power of these kids to start growing. They see them in books, but know they can’t go to zoo or national parks and see them. The stories about the dinosaur keep playing out in their minds. These unseen characters in children’s book keep interest going for long periods.

This Kindergarten book was originally written by Dr. Seuss, a famous kid’s author. It’s the best book to start with from Dr. Seuss collections of children’s books.

2. Pete the Cat’s

The little kids love pictures. And most of the times, pictures tell stories without necessary having words. But since we want our kids to start learning few letters, words and numbers, finding a booking that captures an excellent balance of two is critical. Pete the Cat’s, is one of such children’s book. Authored by James Dean.
The Book is character is awesome and fun for the kids. The stories are both entertaining and offer basic learning, enough to keep the little ones flipping through the pages.

3. May I Please Have a Cookie?

This is basic book for the kindergarteners, not only teaching words, but importantly teaching good manners to them. Using magic word like ‘please’ to get that delicious cookie.

The author let the little ones aware that some unethical means liking grabbing, wouldn’t get them the tasty cookies. Using the so familiar home examples, the book is an excellent introductory learning tool for the children in kindergarten or about to join.

Other Kindergarten Books you should consider purchasing for your little ones

4. 100 Words Kids Need to Read by 1st Grade

5. The Berenstain Bears Go To School

6. Silly Milly (Scholastic Reader, Level 1)

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