Best 10 Knitting & Crochet Magazines | 2023 Reviews Guide

Looking to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, especially in regard to knitting? Then knitting magazines are excellent way to passionately learn about seasonable knitting patterns and styles that are in line with current trends.
Not only do they provide deep reviews of various knitting techniques, they aid knitters in continually polishing their knitting skills. This guide has been prepared to help you get top knitting magazines.

A List of Top Knitting Magazines at a Glance

Factors to consider when choosing a Good Knitting Magazine:

Excellent knitting magazines should help knitters of all levels in their knitting techniques, provide updates on current trends and give useful tips and how-to tutorials
Here are the elements you should consider to get a good value for your knotting magazines:

Construction – Best knitting magazines gives straightforward guide on how to knit items of interest. With deep information on knitting technique in use.
Design Elements – Useful knitting magazines gives quality description of the items being knitted.
Yarn Suggestion – Good magazines should give samples of yarn to use on each individual project, that should be best suited for the items and also easily available in the market.
Knitting Level – Go for the appropriate knitting magazines depending on the level of knitting. Some knitting magazines are ideal for Beginners, other for Intermediate and some for the professionals. The pieces being reviewed will give an idea at a glance on what is appropriate for you.

Should I Buy Digital or Print Knitting Magazines?

They are reasons why you should either for the print or digital subscriptions of your favorite knitting magazines. Good thing is many knitting magazines offer both options.

Advantages of choosing Digital Knitting Magazines subscription:

Digital editions are way cheaper than print magazines

  • Don’t take additional space in your house/office
  •  Instant delivery via email
  • Access to your magazines on your mobile, tablet or computer at any time. Thus, you can always refer to them at your convenience.

Advantages of choosing Print Edition of Knitting Magazines subscription

  • Often include bonus knitting patterns or a bundled free gift
  • Tangible magazines appeal to some section of knitters. They would want to hold the magazines, just as they do their knitting pieces.

Best 10 Knitting Magazine Reviews in Details

1. Interweave Crochet

One of the necessary knitting magazines for both beginners and pro crocheters. It features the current crochet crafts, patterns and news. The magazines focus primarily on unique pattern, most likely you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It’s published only 4 times per year.
The designs are remarkably presented, with the pattern following directly after the photo, thus offering a smooth way to learn and grasp the techniques. The magazine also provides diagrams, should you wish to see your progress and check your knitting work. You can easily replace the yarn used, as long as you use a stitch gauge and use same yarn weight.

2. Interweave Knits

This magazine is full of remarkable patterns, tips and tutorials to continually polish up your knitting skills. It features informative interviews with different knitters and unique designer patterns for garment and home décor. It generally gives emphasis on pattern that appeal to many people and comfortable to wear.
Read in-depth technical articles on knitting techniques and inspiration for quick gift-type such as unique purses, hats and backpacks.

3. Crochet World

The magazine has been issued since 1978. It’s full of unique exclusive patterns for crochet. Each pattern utilizes threads and yarns you can easily obtain from the shop near you.
It provides latest developments on new yarns from reputable yarn makers. One thing it does best is ranking patterns from beginner to Expert. Every featured piece has easy-to-understand instructions and full-color pictures.
The magazine is best suited for those looking for vintage or classic designs, not modern patterns. Its Questions & Answer column from readers add to the fun to this magazine.

4. Beadwork Magazine

Read deep and informative guides, tips and tutorials on beading techniques. The magazine is published after every two months. Every issue features original and unique designs and remarkable patterns like mixed media, bead embroidery, off-loom weaving and many more.
Best suited for both beginner and advanced bead-makers. Get latest bead-making techniques and bead weaving guides for your inspiration – bracelets, rings, brooches, necklaces, pins etc.

5. Crochet! Magazine

This magazine is loved by both amateur and advanced crochet crafters. It features remarkably unique and creative patterns accompanied by full-color, clear & easy-to-follow guides. It has four issues per year. Get to know the latest fashion trends, accessories patterns and kids’ gifts patterns.

6. McCall’s Quilting

This awesome knitting magazine is issued six times per year, featuring intricate patterns for contemporary and traditional quilting projects. Every publication provides simple and complex quilting pieces and crafts. Find pages of remarkable floral print fabrics, floral applique and dimensional flowers.
Featured quilting piece has straightforward instructions and clear appearing pictures, very ideal to get inspiration for your upcoming quilting projects.

7. Simply Crochet

The magazine features unique techniques and patterns for fashion, home decor and also seasonal items. With 13 issues per year, the magazine is an excellent source of inspiration for your crocheting projects.
Should you opt for printed editions, you are likely to get free bonus gifts, like yarn samples, extra patterns and hooks. Each featured pattern has easy-to-follow instructions and incredible accompanying pictures. Ideal for both beginner and advanced crocheters.

8. Piecework

The magazine features in depth needlework techniques, exploring the work and life of traditional needleworkers. It’s a must-have publication for amazing quilts, handmade embellished clothing, intricate lacework and historical knitting.
Featured crafts may seem complex for beginners, but offer inspiration to improve skills on checking completed works. PieceWork magazine has both Print and Digital editions, with printed edition coming with free gifts, like knitting tools and yarns. The magazine is issued 4 time per year.

9. Vogue Knitting International

This knitting magazine features high-end fashion and needlework techniques to all levels of knitters. Known for awesome, elegant and classic designs. It’s issued 4 times per year, with every issue divided into two sections – Features and Fashion.
Get expert tips and current fashion trends from top minds in the industry. Be inspired by lots of pattern and designs suitable to your current knitting skills and level.

10. Simply Knitting

You are guaranteed to find awesome and unique pieces in every Knit Simple magazine issue. It features latest development on knitting news, designer interviews and real-life readers stories.
As the title of the magazine reflects, a lot of featured pieces are easy or intermediate, thus easily to follow, with images showing off the finished products. It has more of kids and babies’ patterns. And few adult designs. They are some awesome patterns for the accessories.

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