6 Best Wedding Magazines to Read this Year

Ladies love weddings, and it starts at very tender age, as little girls. Women will gladly tell you that their wedding days remain the most incredible in their lives. Every effort, sacrifice and dedication are done to ensure this day looks, feels and remains special.

Good news is that bridal magazines are there to help planning and organizing a dream wedding. They offer tips on budgeting for the wedding and inspire creativity for the big day. But how do you get the best-rated bridal magazines? Don’t worry, we have made a list of best wedding magazines just for you. Less hustle for you to getting started on your dream wedding journey.

A list of Top-rated 6 Wedding Magazines, Books & Guides in 2023

Why You should Read Bridal magazines

Planning and organizing a successful wedding require relevant knowledge, skills and experience. And chances are you don’t have all that at once. Wedding magazines opens you to wider horizon as you plan your special day. Here are the Benefits of Bridal Magazines

Help Plan Better Wedding

By having inside information on other weddings, you can easily know what will work and what will not for your wedding. See the challenges before they come and prepare accordingly.

Wedding Budget

Top-rated bridal magazines provide recommendation on priority areas for you wedding finances. They guide you on how to avoid unnecessary spending’s, thus making it really special and unforgettable experience.

Inspire Creativity

Your wedding should be unique, standing out from others. Bridal magazines are good place to find creativity meant to enhance your wedding themes, accessories and anything wedding.

Reviews of Top 6 Best Wedding Book to Buy

1. A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas

Weddings are known to be expensive affairs. But this bridal book helps do a wedding without going mad about finances. A really good wedding is the one you can afford comfortably. The joy of your wedding can be short-lived if you realize you are broke. And that’s definitely not what you want.
Authored by Meg Keen, the book helps you through the whole wedding experience – from venue choosing to the writing of vows. It provides tips and measures, if considered and put in practice, will help cut your wedding expenses, without necessary to trimming your guests’ list. She shares her experience and skills in planning an incredible wedding that is in line with your taste and your relationship.

2. Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration and Ideas

It’s deep desire of every woman that her wedding be full of joy, love-filled and incredibly awesome. This guide help in planning your own ecstatic wedding. It features useful tips on choosing the theme of your wedding and having polished up classy finish. It helps in discovering the best style for a couple and have the style be evident in the entire wedding ceremony.
It shares inside information of very unique weddings, thus providing you with valuable tips, with awesome photographs, inspiring you to much better style for your wedding.

3. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

The guide provides all important tools and wide variety of ideas to help organize an awesome wedding. It makes the process less stressful and manageable. Featured on this wedding organizer, includes informative timelines and worksheets for budget and schedules, cost cutting measures, checklists on choosing the service providers and much more.

4. Martha Stewart Weddings

This quarterly publication helps the couple to define they perfect wedding style during the wedding journey through creative visuals, planning advice and inspiring ideas. It provides awesome guides from the special day of the proposal all the way to the honeymoon. It’s a recipe for dream wedding. It features elegant and classic styles for your much need inspirations.

5. Brides

This bridal magazine provides unique ideas and inspirations to plan the wedding of your dreams. It features awesome dazzling dresses for every budget and theme. And today’s options for remarkably romantic honeymoon. This publication emphasizes on creativity and personalization for your wedding day

6. Bridal Guide

This bridal magazine focuses the need of the couple in their journey of dream wedding on practical budget. Read latest news in bridal fashion to top-rated honeymoon destinations. It features expert recommendation on planning and organizing wedding, from the major to minor activities. Read etiquette and budgeting tips for your wedding on this print publication. And read inspiring real-life stories from other brides to inspire creativity and learn from their challenges.

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