6 Best Catholic Bibles for Beginners | Easy to Read and Understand

Are you looking for a good Catholic Bible for a beginner? Here is the guide to help you choose the easiest one for you. You may be new in Roman Catholic faith or you want to start a deep understanding of the Word of God – whatever the reason, we have recommendations to make your Bible-reading journey, a rewarding experience.

List of Good Catholic Bibles for Beginners

Top Catholic Bibles to Buy for Beginners | Detailed Reviews

1. Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament

This got to be the best on the list. Easy and straightforward to beginners. Edited by Scott Hahn, famous convert to Catholicism, and bible educator, Curtis Mitch. It’s the only Catholic Study Bible based on the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition. It helps starters study each of the Gospel with much ease. It features commentaries, footnotes, indexes, cross-references and color maps. The study Bible presents the Word of God in easy-to-read, accurate translation. And its ideal for both group Bible study and personal study.
For every New Testament Book, it provides an introductory essay, mentioning the authorships, date written, main themes and targeted audience. Thus, making it good choice for a beginner to read, follow and understand.

2. The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

This Bible simplifies the complexity of reading the Bible. With the narrative method, it paints the big picture of salvation history and explains how everything ties together. No wonder it’s the No. 1 best selling Catholic Bible in America. The color-coded learning system makes it simple to read, follow and understand. You can also get the Bible in Spanish Language.
The 12 Timeline charts gives a visual overview of the Bible – inclusive of crucial characters, important events, Geographical location, major covenants, world rulers and contemporary events in secular history. The Words of Jesus are printed in red color.

3. The Didache Bible: With Commentaries Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Ideal Bible for new catholic converts. It features extensive commentaries, based on the Catechism of the Catholic church, for every book of the Holy Bible. Considered by some as the most beautiful translation of the Bible in current times. The Didache Bible is excellent resource for new believers in Catholic church, students and those doing Scripture studies. Highly recommended to any person seeking to have deep understanding of the Catholic faith.
It has 27 full-color biblical maps, one of them documenting the journeys of the Jesus Christ. With more than 100 apologetical explanations to answer common questions about the faith, it’s very recommended for beginners.

4. The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition, NABRE: New American Bible Revised Edition

Ideal Catholic Bible for young people, but good for all ages. Talk of easy understanding of the Word of God. It’s designed for the reader to personalize by drawing, coloring, highlighting and journaling as their reflect on the scripture. The sidebars have guides on how to embrace the Catholic Christian lifestyle. If you prefer depictions and illustrations in attractive, colorful way, this is the good Bible to get you started.
It features special features, tools and articles to help you explore the Word of God, connect with history, grow your relations, live your faith, deepen your prayer life and encounter God.

5. Anselm Academic Study Bible: New American Bible Revised Edition

Good, easy-to-read Bible for starters. It was written with an approach that the readers have either little or no knowledge about the Bible. Making it an excellent match for the beginners in Catholic faith. It features charts, maps, timelines, which help in reading, following and understanding the Bible. Besides having friendly navigation, it has notes giving important information, like social context of the Word. Its translation is also top notch.

6. New Catholic Answer Bible: New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE)

This combines the Bible and Catholics apologetics into one. By answering questions regarding Catholic beliefs and practices and their foundation in the Scripture, the New Catholic Answer Bible is an excellent resource for beginners. It tackles most questions protestants pose to the Catholic believers. It’s perfect Bible for those new in Catholic church or believers in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Besides being a good for Bible study, if forms good resource for defending your faith.

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